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Staying on top of regulatory changes, new technical innovations, and industry-disrupting competitors has never been harder. With so much information available, how do you ensure you have the insight you need to drive your business forward and seize opportunities before the competition?


Our regulatory and scientific experts are here to help you stay up to speed with new trends and research. Let them share their expertise and insight so you can focus on building your business.


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Browse our resource library to get more insight into the latest industry trends and a better understanding of the right regulatory framework to choose for your innovation or new product. Learn how our scientific and regulatory experts can help create competitive advantage and new business opportunities through their insight and expertise.


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Pharmaceutical Nicotine Cannabinoids

Pharmaceutical Services - Extractables and Leachables

The evaluation of extractables and leachables (E&L) is an essential component of the pharmaceutical development process.

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Pharmaceutical Nicotine Cannabinoids

Toxicology Advice and Consultancy Services

Our team of in-house toxicologists reviews and evaluates toxicological data on a wide range of chemicals to produce independent expert opinions on risk assessment. We then advise on the strategies to mitigate or reduce those risks to protect corporate reputation and public health.

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Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Services

As the holder of a UK Home Office controlled drug license, we offer a wide range of services for cannabinoids including UK and EU Novel Food Application scientific consultancy and analytical testing support. 

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Pharmaceutical Nicotine Cannabinoids

Technical Due Diligence: Product Realization Services

Our product development and regulatory experts can help you meet expectations at key milestones in your product development project to better inform decision making and investment choices.

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Pharmaceutical Nicotine Cannabinoids

Quality Policy

We believe that the sectors we work within expect a continually improving service where we constantly strive to improve processes and Quality.

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Whitepaper: Review of the degradation pathways of cannabinoids, the potential impact on medicinal and consumer products, and discussion of mitigation solutions

In this whitepaper, Broughton discusses the susceptibility of cannabinoids to degrade and summarizes the main degradation pathways of the primary cannabinoid products on the market; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). 

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Whitepaper: A Summary of the Legal Status and Regulatory Pathways to Market for Cannabinoid Products in the UK Market

Broughton summarises the regulatory pathways available for cannabinoid products in the UK market and the legal requirements for each potential market route. 

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Whitepaper: The importance of the human endocannabinoid system when developing therapeutic cannabis products

To develop cannabis products that can both enhance the quality of life of cannabis users and comply with current and future regulations, we believe that fi rst we need to understand what cannabis is, how people use it, and how it affects the human body and mind. This white paper aims to provide essential but concise information about these areas, supported by scientific evidence.

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Broughton Blog

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Cannabis Science Conference

This event will focus on analytical science, medical cannabis, cultivation, and psychedelics. The conference will take place in Portland, USA

Start date: 2023-04-20

Location: Portland, USA

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