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UK/EU Vape Compliance

Ensuring the vapes you manufacture, distribute, or sell comply with UK and EU Regulations 

Helping maintain consumer confidence through the verification of vape product compliance in the UK and EU. Expert verification that products meet quality and safety standards to protect your brand reputation and business continuity.

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Vape Compliance at Broughton  

Protect your brand reputation and business revenues by ensuring your vape products are compliant and safe. Ensure products aren't removed from retail shelves, confiscated by trading standards, or destroyed as illicit or counterfeits that shouldn't be on the market.

Our Vape Compliance Package offers a quick review of vape product labeling and packaging, nicotine strength, fill volume, and screens for banned ingredients to confirm the safety and quality of vape products. We generate a Certificate of Analysis that verifies that the parameters assessed comply with UK or EU regulations that can be used with customers and regulators to demonstrate responsible product due diligence.

We have years of next generation nicotine experience across analytical testing, scientific and regulatory consulting, and post-market regulatory support. Our UKAS accredited in-house laboratory and all our testing processes are governed by our Quality Management System accredited to ISO 17025:2017 and compliant with GxP Guidance. The combination of our scientific expertise, analytical excellence, quality assurance, and unrivaled customer satisfaction is why many of the world's largest companies and leading brands choose to work with us.


Our UK/EU Vape Compliance Package

Designed to verify disposable vape devices, pods, and liquids against the TPD and TRPR regulatory requirements. The general service takes ten working days, and an express service is available on request. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who use our Vape Compliance Package will receive a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that verifies that the parameters assessed comply with UK or EU regulations. Our web-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) LabHQ allows access to all compliance data. The secure web portal enables the live tracking of sample analysis, access to all data/certificates of analysis, and easy detection of non-compliant testing.

The Vape Compliance Package has been designed to address the areas of non-compliance detected against the UK or EU vape regulations. It aims to provide manufacturers, distributors, and retailers the confidence that appropriate due diligence procedures are in place and adhered to.

Our analytical scientists are experts in vape regulatory testing and compliance consulting. All tests are conducted in our ISO 17250 accredited analytical testing laboratories.

 Test Analytes Reason for Testing
Nicotine (Liquid) Nicotine concentration Assessment of compliance against the product label claim and the TPD/TRPR limit of 20 mg/ml.
Fill Volume Fill volume, Density Assessment of compliance against the TPD/TRPR limit of 2 ml.
Diketones (liquid) Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl are listed as banned ingredients and may be present where the manufacturer doesn’t have full disclosure on the ingredients.
Packaging review Compliance checklist Highlights missing or inappropriate labeling.




All vape devices, pods, and e-liquids sold in the UK or EU must have been notified under the TRPR (UK) and TPD (EU) regulatory framework. If you are considering launching a new vape product, you must complete this process before commercial launch. You can read more about the TPRR and TPD process here.

You can use the MHRA website to check if a product has been notified under TRPR for sale in the UK here.


If you would like to tailor the compliance package or discuss designing a due diligence package to meet your current and future requirements. 

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How to Spot an Illicit Vape

Here are six easy-to-spot packaging violations that  could indicate a vape is illicit and shouldn't be on sale in the UK and EU>

  • Does the packaging state that the tank is 2 mL or less? 
  • Is the e-liquid concentration within the 20 mg/mL limit? 
  • Is all the required information listed on the packaging?
  • Is there a health warning?
  • Does the health warning text look okay?
  • Can you see the correct certifications relating to recycling and electronic safety standards?

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Speak to a Compliance Expert 

Speak to a scientific regulatory consultant about any vape products you may have concerns about and learn how our Vape Compliance Package can support your business and protect your reputation.

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How to Spot an Illicit Vape

Learn about six easy-to-spot packaging violations that  could indicate a vape is illicit and shouldn't be on sale in the UK and EU.

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