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Analytical Testing

Meeting Global Regulatory Requirements through Specialist Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) Analytical Services

Whatever the requirements of your pharmaceutical project, we can help with a full range of GMP testing and analysis services. From early development characterization and formulation analysis to analytical method development, stability studies, extractables and leachable studies, and QC release testing.

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Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Testing Services

When selecting a contract analytical and testing service provider, you need to choose a partner with a strong track record in successfully delivering high-quality, regulatory-compliant testing and the expertise to meet your commercial deadlines to deliver on your business goals. Our specialist services cover early-phase product development through to post market analytical support. With our testing services integrated with expert scientific and regulatory consultancy, additional insight and support are always available when needed. 

Whether you are looking for a partner to work with on early-stage development, a regulatory submission, or to strengthen scientific understanding for post market compliance, our GMP laboratory facilities and in-house team of pharmaceutical subject matter experts will bring the insight required to your project to help it succeed.

Pharmaceutical Analytical Testing Services

Analytical Method Development and Validation

QC Release Testing

Stability Storage and Analysis

Extractables and Leachables

Product Assessment

Analytical Method Development and Validation

ICH Q2(R1) analytical method development, method validation, and technology transfer using cutting-edge technology and precision equipment.


Blue Method

GMP Testing Laboratory

Whatever your product category or area of focus, we can support you with a comprehensive testing strategy that helps build the scientific evidence and insight needed to gain regulatory approval and maintain compliance. Our scientific experts have extensive experience within the pharmaceutical industry and across a wide range of dosage forms. 

  • Commercialized pharmaceutical products 
  • Raw material, excipient, and API testing
  • Early-stage and formulation drug analysis
  • Medical devices with special expertise in inhalation devices
  • Orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDP)
  • Parenteral and ophthalmic products (PODPs)
  • Biocidal products 
  • Solid dose formulations
  • Veterinary medicines
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Novel Pharmaceutical Product Development

If you are looking for a scientific testing and analysis partner to support the development of a novel product or new pharmaceutical innovation, our scientific and regulatory experts have years of combined experience delivering drug and device innovations across new API, excipients, and drug delivery systems.

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Pharmaceutical Testing Services Resources

Learn more about how we can help bring your pharmaceutical product to market through our high-quality analytical testing services.


Pharma Inhalation Services

Developing and commercializing new inhaled drug products, requires huge energy and deep scientific understanding. This level of resource and subject matter expertise can be difficult to maintain inside your business, and that is where we can help.

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Pharmaceutical Services - Extractables and Leachables

The evaluation of extractables and leachables (E&L) is an essential component of the pharmaceutical development process.

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Toxicology Advice and Consultancy Services

Our team of in-house toxicologists reviews and evaluates toxicological data on a wide range of chemicals to produce independent expert opinions on risk assessment. We then advise on the strategies to mitigate or reduce those risks to protect corporate reputation and public health.

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