Accelerating the creation of a smoke-free future

Diseases and deaths associated with smoking are amongst the most preventable. Despite the widespread knowledge that smoking is harmful, hundreds of millions of people continue to smoke. Even though there are 1.2 billion smokers in the world and smoking kills about 8 million people a year, people continue to smoke for the nicotine that they are addicted to. However, it’s not the nicotine that causes harm, it’s the harmful chemicals that accompany the nicotine found in smoke when tobacco is burnt.

At Broughton, we are passionate to ensure that smokers around the world have the opportunity to switch to a range of alternative nicotine delivery products that are less harmful. Our unwavering mission is to drive a smoke-free future. For us, that means helping manufacturers assess their products and navigate regulatory pathways to ensure that these products get to the market and are providing reduced risk options for smokers to switch to.

Product Development Services

At Broughton we understand that innovation in a regulated marketplace can be challenging. Our team of device engineers and formulation experts are here to help you realize any concepts you may have in the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Product (NGP) space, as well as optimize your prototype products to ensure that they are designed appropriately to deliver against global regulatory standards.

Scientific Consultancy

Helping to shape the future.

Our team of leading scientific and regulatory experts across the global nicotine market are here to help you navigate through the product life cycle journey for your chosen regulatory pathway, these include:

  • US Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA)
  • Medicinal Product
  • EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)
  • UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR)
  • Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP)

Our experienced team have worked on major tobacco harm reduction regulatory projects to enable smokers to access scientifically substantiated reduced-risk products and are ready to advise you on tailor-made scientific strategies in areas including product development, regulatory submissions and post marketing surveillance activities.

Regulatory Affairs

Helping innovative companies get their Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGPs) to market

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Scientific Strategy

Helping to shape the future strategy of regulated Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Product (NGP) markets

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Project Management

Understanding clients needs and scoping the journey ahead

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Post Marketing Surveillance

Maintaining and keeping your product on the market

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Laboratory Services

Our integrated laboratory services provide scientific support and data generation for your NGP project.


Understanding the chemistry of your Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGPs)

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Understand and reduce the health risks

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Understand the potential human health impact of your Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGPs)

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Understand the potential human health impact of your Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGPs)

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We are your independent Global Life Sciences partner
As an independent Global Life Sciences partner for our clients, Broughton’s aim is dedicated to ensuring that all members of society have access to the latest innovative products to promote health and wellbeing. Through our integrated Regulatory and Scientific consultants, the Broughton team have significant experience in bringing to market innovative solutions for societal wellbeing.
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