Enabling society to enjoy the life-enhancing properties of cannabis responsibly

At Broughton, we recognise the global need to improve access to safe wellness products within both the consumer and medicinal markets. Cannabinoid industry trends are showing increasing usage of inhaled cannabinoid products, many of which are unregulated. We belief that by applying our expertise with regulated inhalation products, we can be part of driving innovation and the change to accessible, safer and responsible cannabinoid products.
Product Development Services

Driving innovation of safe cannabinoid products

Whilst the medicinal pathway is established, the consumer cannabinoid landscape is changing rapidly. Our agile processes and inhalation science expertise gives us a competitive advantage in this area. As your formulation or device design partner, we can help you develop the next innovation in safe and responsible, cannabinoid delivery.

At Broughton, we have the expertise to help you realise your innovative inhaled cannabinoid product, targeting your needs and generating robust data to future proof against a fast-moving regulatory environment.

Regulatory Consultancy
Helping innovative companies obtain marketing approval for their cannabinoid products

At Broughton, we monitor emerging Cannabinoid regulations and work with you to develop a regulatory and scientific strategy aligned with your business and regulatory requirements. With a background in maintaining compliance with pharmaceutical regulations, and our track record of supporting the first ENDS product to obtain a medicinal product license in the UK, we are best placed in advising our clients regarding UK, EU and US regulations.

Scientific Consultancy

Helping to shape the future

Our team of leading scientific and regulatory experts are here to help develop scientific substantiation packages which enable you to justify the appropriateness and demonstrate the safety of your cannabinoid product.

Building on our experience from tobacco harm reduction regulatory projects, our team are ideally positioned to help you keep one step ahead of future regulations and is ready to advise you on tailor-made scientific strategies for your target market.

Project Management

Understanding client needs and scoping the journey ahead.

Our Project Management team has built a framework that will set, maintain, and ensure the highest standards are achieved to make your innovative cannabinoid project a success.

Laboratory Services

Your trusted scientific partner

Broughton's expertise is founded on a history of laboratory excellence. By partnering with us you will have access to some of the most experienced scientists who can provide you with a trusted laboratory service. We are equipped to offer full analytical services to evaluate the chemistry of cannabinoid solids, e-liquids, captured aerosol, devices and all forms of packaging container systems.

In addition to analytical testing of your cannabinoid product, we also perform the following services, all managed and delivered by expert scientists:

  • Stability studies
  • Non targeted analysis
  • Method development and validation
  • Extractables and leachables

Our integrated approach extends to providing toxicology, clinical and behavioral services, which can be used alongside chemical characterization of your product to demonstrate product safety and commitment to ensuring responsible use.

About us
We are your independent Global Life Sciences partner

Broughton is committed to helping our clients deliver life-enhancing products to market, by providing the most trusted integrated services in the world. As an independent Global Life Sciences partner for our clients, Broughton’s aim is to ensure that all members of society have access to the latest innovative products to promote health and wellbeing. Through our integrated Regulatory and Scientific consultants, the Broughton team have experience in bringing to market innovative solutions for societal wellbeing.

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