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Product Assessment

Testing and evaluation of a product to determine its functional performance and compliance with regulatory requirements 

Move a project forward and ensure costly mistakes are avoided early through insight from a range of experts across engineering, scientific consultancy, and regulatory compliance. Identify areas for improvement quickly by fully understanding the regulatory requirements and current performance of your product or technical innovation.    

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Testing Product Functionality 

Functional testing of a product is imperative to confirm whether it meets the performance requirements specified or required for regulatory approval. Functional testing may involve industry-standard tests or bespoke test methods created to assess a given performance parameter. Any performance requirements not met can then be addressed through a product re-design or optimization program. The earlier a product or prototype can be tested in the development phase, the easier and more cost-effective it is to make the required changes.

If your product incorporates innovative design and has unique selling points (USPs), there will likely be few guidelines to prove their functionality. Our subject matter experts will ensure studies are tailored to demonstrate your product's USPs and the robustness of the design.

Data generated from the assessment can form the basis for your product's design history file and be incorporated into regulatory filings.


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Comparator Product Testing 

Does your product have a unique selling point (USP), and can this be quantified and demonstrated?

Understanding your critical points of product differentiation through comparator product testing can also support more impactful marketing claims and campaign messaging.

Investment in new product technology and innovation requires an in-depth understanding of the competitor landscape and functionality of products already in the market. We will benchmark product performance and functional specifications against competitor products to help inform your development and investment decisions. Comparator testing will ensure your product or technology has the best chance of appealing to consumers or investors. 

Comparator product testing involves functional performance testing and product teardowns; components, materials, and manufacturing processes are all assessed and compared to competitor products to help inform your design decisions.

What a comparator product does well and what it does poorly or lacks is essential information for developing your product and go-to-market strategy.

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