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Cristelle Santos - Broughton - Consultant Toxicologist

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Ensuring Safety in the Booming CBD Industry: A Proposed Safety Framework

The rapid growth of the cannabis market has outpaced the establishment of comprehensive safety standards and regulations. To help create a pathway towards safe, secure, and reliably-regulated CBD products, Cristelle Santos, Consultant Toxicologist at Broughton, has proposed a safety framework.

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Broughton: Your Medical Cannabis Compliance and Market Entry Partner

As the medical cannabis market grows, expertise in testing, regulatory compliance, and quality control play a pivotal role in assisting category innovators in bringing their products to market.

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Cannabis Services

Enhancing the positive reputation of cannabis by accelerating safe, efficacious, and high-quality cannabis products to a regulated market. Learn more about our cannabis services. 

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Toxicology Advice and Consultancy Services

Our team of in-house toxicologists reviews and evaluates toxicological data on a wide range of chemicals to produce independent expert opinions on risk assessment. We then advise on the strategies to mitigate or reduce those risks to protect corporate reputation and public health.

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Whitepaper: A Summary of the Legal Status and Regulatory Pathways to Market for Cannabinoid Products in the UK Market

Broughton summarises the regulatory pathways available for cannabinoid products in the UK market and the legal requirements for each potential market route. 

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Whitepaper: Review of the degradation pathways of cannabinoids, the potential impact on medicinal and consumer products, and discussion of mitigation solutions

In this whitepaper, Broughton discusses the susceptibility of cannabinoids to degrade and summarizes the main degradation pathways of the primary cannabinoid products on the market; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). 

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Whitepaper: Does CBD Really Harm the Liver?

Both the FDA and EFSA have raised several concerns about CBD as supplements and as an ingredient in food and drinks, citing potential liver damage as a possible side effect. Is CBD really that toxic to the liver? To find out, toxicologist Cristelle Santos looks at the scientific evidence.

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Whitepaper: Why Cannabinoid analytical methodologies are the foundations of building a mainstream cannabis industry

In this whitepaper, we discuss the range of validated analytical methods required to support the comprehensive characterization of various dosage forms of cannabinoid products. 

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