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The Birthday Cake Tradition at Broughton


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A long tradition at Broughton is bringing in cake or other tasty treats to celebrate your birthday. It’s not only a great way to celebrate a birthday but also a fantastic employee morale booster. At Broughton, we celebrate two kinds of birthdays; an actual birthday and a Broughton birthday, which is your anniversary of joining the company.

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Regardless of which birthday you are celebrating, cake is always encouraged. Some employees are very confident about their baking skills and will bake cakes they can bring into the office and share with their colleagues. Others are not so positive about their baking capabilities or just have less time and will opt for a shop-bought option, however, all cake is welcome!

Broughton has a long history of making cakes and other baked goods. It’s not just associated with birthdays. We also love bake sales to raise money for our charities such as national fundraising days like Comic Relief.

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The cake tradition also offers a window into the varied cultures and backgrounds -of our diverse team. As birthdays, work anniversaries, and personal achievements are celebrated, colleagues can share stories and experiences that highlight their individuality.

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As the tradition continues, it becomes an integral part of the company’s culture, which will continue to put the baking and eating skills of our team to the test.