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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023




Broughton showed some great support for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023. 

From 15th to 21st of May this year Broughton was proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week, using it to raise awareness about mental health both inside and outside the workplace.

Our Mental Health First Aiders team consists of four employees who feel passionate about employee well-being and breaking down the taboos of talking about mental health issues at work. The team works throughout the year to make employees aware of a wide variety of issues relating to mental health, and they used the week for raising awareness across the business, sharing useful information and tips for dealing with anxiety, and reducing stress.

On Thursday employees at our two laboratory facilities, Oak Tree House and Coleby House, participated in ‘Wear it Green Day’. Everyone dressed up in their finest green outfits and there was a smoothie morning where some tremendous green smoothies were created and enjoyed to further promote health and well-being.

Broughton Team 2023

The smoothies were really tasty but more importantly, employees enjoyed the benefits of drinking green which include relaxation, stress relief, mood-boosting, anti-inflammatory properties, and anxiety easing.

Overall, the week was a great success. The Mental Health First Aiders created great enthusiasm across the company while using the week to raise awareness and get people talking about the issues. Everyone had fun getting dressed up and trying their hand at making healthy smoothies, whilst also learning valuable information on mental health that can be applied both at home and in the workplace.