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The 600 Mile Challenge


Fundraising, About Broughton

Throughout September, Broughton employees got active to raise funds for MIND in Bradford. Mind is a great charity that helps people struggling with emotional and mental health problems, and by working with the Bradford team, we can support services in the local areas close to our laboratory facilities. Broughton raised £425 through the challenge.

600 mile-1

Broughton employees who chose to participate were split into five teams of up to 8 people. Each team aimed to complete 600 miles of walking, running, cycling, or swimming in the month of September.

We have worked with Mind in Bradford previously, including completing The 600-mile Challenge in the previous two years, and we wanted to continue to support this important charity. Exercise is a great way to support good mental health and general well being, therefore participating in the fitness challenge was a great way to help - our own physical and mental health.

600 mile 2

Our teams completed their miles in different ways, from countryside hiking to city walks, long cycle rides and half marathons. Alongside raising money for the charity, the challenge was also highly effective at creating some friendly rivalry in the workplace, where each team strived to gain bragging rights for the most miles completed over the weekend and hoped to become the first team to complete their 600 miles.

Broughton will no doubt be ready to take on the challenge again next September if Mind in Bradford runs it and we’d highly recommend other companies in the area to consider joining in next time. If you would like to support MIND in Bradford, please donate to the fundraiser here.