Aerosol and Inhalation Science

Our Product Development service helps clients accelerate their innovative product from prototype to regulatory approval.

Our Areas of Expertise

Formulation Development

At Broughton, our expertise is in developing formulations for a wide range of medicinal drugs allowing for inhalation delivery.

Inhalation Devices

Our experience with a range of inhalation devices including metered-dose inhalers, e-cigarettes and nebulizers means that we are able to advise the best inhalation device for the drug and specific formulation. As part of Broughton’s Product Development Services, we have the experience and knowledge to develop a completely novel formulation and/or inhalation device specific to your drug. Our team are able to offer you the ability to develop the most innovative inhalation devices or ensure that your devices are optimized to meet the performance criteria defined by your Target Product Profile.

Our Focus
Our Focus
Much of the experience we have gained around nicotine delivery to the lung can be applied to other active compounds. Our experience in formulations science means that we are confident in our ability to create inhalable formulations for many other medicinal compounds.
Our overriding goal at Broughton is to be a part of the societal revolution of promoting wellbeing and health.
Why Inhalation?

Inhalation is the most effective and efficient route for drug delivery.

The unique property of inhalation delivery is that when inhaled, the drug crosses over into the circulatory system directly into oxygenated blood, which means that it can reach the receptors around the body rapidly. The time it takes for oxygenated blood to reach the extremities of the body is around 10 seconds.

This quick delivery of the active drug substance means that potentially much lower doses of drugs can be used to achieve efficacy, and the lower dose means the potential to significantly reduce the number of side-effects associated with drug delivery through other routes. 

Why inhalation?
Scientific strategy and consultancy
Scientific Strategy and Consultancy

Our scientific strategy encompasses all the information collected through the key phases above to develop the appropriate study designs for your new product concept, supported by dedicated Project Management. Our subject matter experts have years of industry experience and are up to date with the latest pharmaceutical regulatory landscape.

A fully integrated approach

Our team of experts, with their collective years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, bring together regulatory expertise, scientific consultancy, project management and laboratory services. 

A fully integrated approach

Broughton offers a fully integrated scientific and regulatory consultancy, combined with comprehensive laboratory services, across the nicotine, cannabinoids, and pharmaceuticals industries.

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