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Ruth Skelton - Broughton - Marketing Manager

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Next-Generation Products Analytical Services Guide

New product research requires deep scientific understanding to ensure these products are regulatory compliant and accepted by consumers. Broughton are experts in bringing NGPs to market.

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Whitepaper: UK disposable vapes ban: what’s next?

Rishi Sunak recently announced that the UK Government would ban disposable vapes as part of its plan to tackle the rise in youth vaping. Paul Hardman shares his thoughts on the announcement and what may come next.

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Strategic Insights to reignite PMTA confidence

Broughton share their thoughts on how to reduce costs and protect timelines while continuing to innovate.

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PMTA Guide For NGP businesses

At Broughton, our consultants have deep industry knowledge across all the elements required for a PMTA. We guide you through and generate the required data, to ensure that FDA finds your applications strong and compelling.


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A Guide To TPD and TRPR

An overview of the Tobacco Products Directive and Tobacco-Related Products Regulations. Get the straightforward answers you’re looking for when it comes to TPD and TRPR analysis.

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Toxicology Advice and Consultancy Services

Our team of in-house toxicologists reviews and evaluates toxicological data on a wide range of chemicals to produce independent expert opinions on risk assessment. We then advise on the strategies to mitigate or reduce those risks to protect corporate reputation and public health.

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Guide: Heated Tobacco Products - Towards a smoke-free future

Discover how Broughton leads in supporting HTP manufacturers for tobacco harm reduction.

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Technical Due Diligence: Product Realization Services

Our product development and regulatory experts can help you meet expectations at key milestones in your product development project to better inform decision making and investment choices.

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