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Underage Nicotine Use



Broughton CEO, Chris Allen, has written a letter to the Editor of The Grocer in response to a recent article they published about underage vaping. In the letter, Chris advocates for new regulations for modern oral nicotine pouches.  

Chris's letter to the editor:

The Grocer’s recent article ‘A smoke-free UK requires smarter vaping regulation’ (12 October, succinctly describes an important issue. Alongside the vapour products discussed, it is important to highlight the opportunity nicotine pouches present to smokers who wish to transition away from combustible cigarettes. Sweden, the country noted in the piece as on the brink of achieving smoke-free status, is also the world’s most advanced nicotine pouch market. This is no coincidence.

However, because they are not classed as tobacco-related products, nicotine pouches fall into a regulatory void, meaning under-18s can purchase them legally. A lack of regulation on nicotine pouches is at risk of leading to colourful packaging, inappropriate flavours, and marketing directed at youth.

Image of article from The Grocer Magazine featuring Broughton CEO comments

Alongside vapour products, nicotine pouches must be considered as part of the government’s plan. If youth use becomes an issue, the easiest move for regulators is to categorise nicotine pouches the same as oral tobacco products like Snus — rendering them illegal. The Netherlands has already decided to do so.

Smart regulation would mean we keep these products available to adults only, offering choice to existing smokers and protecting our children. Chris Allen, CEO, Broughton

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