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Proposing the first CBD safety framework



Broughton releases infographic to help establish comprehensive safety standards for CBD ~ 

To help establish a pathway towards safe, secure, and reliably-regulated CBD products, cannabis and CBD scientific and consulting specialist Broughton has published an infographic that proposes the first CBD safety framework. The proposed safety framework was necessitated by the rapid growth of the UK’s CBD market, which is expected to be worth £1 billion by 2025 and is outpacing the creation of comprehensive safety standards and regulations. The CBD safety framework infographic is available to download for free on Broughton’s website.

A report from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis revealed that there are an estimated three million regular users of CBD in the UK as of 2023. This is predicted to double by 2025, driving the rapid growth that is proving problematic for regulatory bodies.

Using its experience helping bring medical cannabis and CBD products to market through scientific consultancy and analytical testing, Broughton has released an infographic proposing a specific safety framework to follow for CBD products. The infographic’s author Cristelle Santos, Consultant Toxicologist at Broughton, developed the framework as part of her toxicology studies at the University of Geneva.

The infographic covers considerations relating to the ingredients, raw material and final product. The proposed framework also outlines different requirements related to orally ingested cannabis products and inhaled or vaped products. For example, the emissions of vaped products should be tested in accordance with accepted safety limits.

“A comprehensive safety framework, like the one proposed in the infographic, provides clear guidelines for manufacturers, ensuring the production of high-quality, uncontaminated, and safer products,” said Santos. “By prioritising the implementation of a safety framework, we can safeguard public health, foster industry transparency, and pave the way for a future where the potential benefits of CBD are realized without compromising safety.”

To download the CBD safety framework infographic, visit