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Broughton Joins UKVIA and Launches Vape Compliance Package



Broughton, a contract research organization and scientific consultancy specializing in nicotine product analytical testing and regulatory support, has announced that it joined the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) just in time for VApril – Vaping Awareness Month 2023. The company is committed to supporting UKVIA’s mission of helping smokers transition from combustible tobacco products to vaping.

To mark the launch of VApril, last week Dr Nveed Chaudhary, Chief Scientific and Regulatory Officer at Broughton, attended a meeting of industry experts at the Houses of Parliament to encourage more regulatory rigor in applying UK vape regulation to protect consumers. The event provided a platform for key stakeholders to discuss the current state of the vaping industry and explore ways to improve public health outcomes.

As part of its commitment to supporting the industry, Broughton is launching a new UK and EU Vape Compliance Package that will help address current concerns about vape regulatory compliance. The new service offering will focus on labelling and packaging, nicotine strength, fill volume, and banned ingredients, to help the industry ensure the safety and quality of vape products on retail shelves.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who use Broughton's compliance package will receive a Certificate of Analysis that verifies their products' compliance with current UK or EU regulations. This certificate can be used to demonstrate to customers and regulatory bodies that a product meets the required safety and quality standards.

Speaking about Broughton joining UKVIA, John Dunne, Director of the UK Vaping Industry Association said, "Recent compliance issues with some manufacturers could impact consumer trust in vapes in the UK. Quality control and analytical testing experts Broughton joining UK VIA at this time illustrates the importance of product quality and safety to ensuring the continued transition of smokers away from cigarettes."

Dunne added, "At UKVIA, we believe vapes have a key role to play in helping reduce death and disease caused by smoking. Ensuring vape safety is of the utmost importance to us and our members and as a group we’re advocating for stronger action against non-compliant vapes. This should include faster removal of non-compliant products, complete testing of products, and greater penalties for manufacturers and retailers who break the rules."

VApril, created and delivered by UKVIA, is dedicated to helping smokers choose the device, flavours and nicotine strengths that will give them the best chance to wave goodbye to smoking and join the circa 2.4m vapers in the UK who can now call themselves ex-smokers.

As a member of UKVIA, Broughton is committed to supporting the industry's efforts to promote vaping as a safe and effective alternative to smoking. With the launch of its Vape Compliance Package, industry stakeholders can take an important step towards ensuring that vaping products on UK retail shelves meet safety and quality standards and help improve consumer confidence in the sector.

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