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Beyond the ban: the importance of continuing to test disposable vapes


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~ How vendors can ensure safety in the lead up to the disposables ban ~ 

In May 2024, the UK Government declared that the Tobacco and Vapes bill, intended to prohibit the distribution of disposable vapes from 2025, will be postponed until after the results of the General Election on July 4. So, what does this mean for the disposable vapes that currently remain readily available on the market? Here Phil Saunders, Senior Business Development Manager at vape compliance specialist Broughton, explores.

The original announcement of the Tobacco and Vapes bill suggested that the ban of the sale of disposable vapes would be enforced in early 2025. The General Election, however, could push the ban further down the legislative priority list. No matter the outcome of the vote, a new, or re-elected Government, is likely to have new political agendas and other pressing issues that may take precedence.

The need for ongoing testing

In response to the impending ban, manufacturers are exploring alternative products such as modern oral nicotine pouches (MONPs) and pod-based e-cigarettes to ensure that adult smokers retain access to next-generation nicotine products when they are looking to quit combustible cigarettes.

In the meantime, there are still disposable vapes in circulation, with supermarkets and other vendors indicating that there are substantial stockpiles yet to be distributed. While there may be a possibility of the disposable vape ban being a lower priority on the next Government’s agenda, it’s still crucial for vendors to continue spot-checking stock and ensuring adherence to safety regulations. Failure to do so not only jeopardizes consumer safety, but also risks significant penalties for non-compliance.

While disposables are still in circulation, safety and regulatory compliance must be prioritised, and vendors should conduct regular batch testing to ensure that products adhere to current standards.

Specialist vape compliance testing can support retailers as they distribute remaining stock in the disposables market. Broughton, for instance, offers a UK and EU Vape Compliance Package, which provides a comprehensive review of parameters such as labelling, nicotine strength, fill volume, and product safety. This service helps manufacturers obtain a Certificate of Analysis, verifying compliance with current regulations such as the UK Tobacco and Related Products Directive (TRPR). Continued compliance testing ensures that no matter when the legislation comes into enforcement, consumers have access to safe products.

No matter the political landscape, retailers and manufacturers should ensure that any disposable vapes currently in distribution meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Regular compliance testing can ensure that vendors remain committed to product safety and regulatory compliance as they await an update on the disposables ban.

To ensure products meet quality and safety standards, speak to Broughton about its Vape Compliance Package.