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A Big Week for the Cannabis Industry in Spain: Spannabis, ICBC and CannaHub



The week of the 7th of March is among the most important for the cannabis industry in Spain and Europe. This week, Spannabis takes place: the so-called "biggest cannabis event in Europe," according to the organizers. Whether this is true or not, we do not know, but more than twenty-five thousand people visited last year's conferences.


Spannabis occurs in Barcelona, Spain. The event is varied, with different stalls and talks aimed at industry professionals and consumers. Around 280 companies have a stand in this year’s event, including the most important companies of the cannabis industry across Europe and the world. Spannabis also organizes the World Cannabis Conferences, where local and international speakers present and debate the latest hot topics for the industry, including science, medical cannabis, risk reduction, regulation, and activism.


Due to the influx of cannabis industry professionals, Barcelona hosts other cannabis-related events during the same week. The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) also takes place on the 7th of March. The ICBC is a B2B-focused event where international companies, investors, and policy experts meet to share and discuss their views on the cannabis industry. The ICBC also organizes conferences with worldwide experts across the cannabis industry.


The CannabisHub organizes a series of talks and group workshops to promote business collaborations and networking. CannabisHub is a Hub for local and international companies, universities, and other bodies to promote the sustainable social and economic development of the cannabis industry.


Alberto Sainz is attending all three events to represent Broughton. As a collaborator with the International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research, and Service Foundation (ICEERS), he will speak at the World Cannabis Conferences on Saturday, the 11th of March. Alberto Sainz will present the topic "Does CBD actually counteract the effects of THC?" where he will give a critical analysis of the current scientific evidence of CBD counteracting the effects of THC as well as going through his latest scientific publications on the topic.


If you attending any of these events please contact us to arrange a meeting in with Alberto.