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Case Study - A Large UK Supermarket

Customer Profile

Our client is a large UK supermarket chain with hundreds of supermarkets and local convenience stores across the UK. It is one of the UK’s largest retailers with global brand recognition and a multi-billion-pound annual turnover, making it a top five grocer in Europe. They are a major retailer of disposable vaping products in the UK. 

The Customer’s Requirements

As one of the UK’s largest retail chains, the spotlight is on this brand when there is a general issue with product compliance and consumer safety. With recent media coverage highlighting issues with non-compliant disposable vape products, our client wanted to prevent such products from being sold to customers in their stores. As the client does not sell own-label vaping products, they wanted to have total confidence in third-party manufacturers’ products in the same way as if they manufactured the product themselves. They therefore decided to implement a program where a third-party testing partner would test products from every disposable vape brand they sold to ensure quality control.

Broughton male scientist wearing orange gloves, goggles and lab coat testing nicotine products

Our Service Offering

Our service is testing disposable vape products that have been supplied to our client from their suppliers. The client randomly selects products in their warehouse and sends them to our testing laboratories so that our in-house scientists can perform nicotine and fill volume testing to ensure they comply with UK regulations.
In addition, we visited their headquarters to share our expertise and industry knowledge about the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) and helped shape the supermarket’s internal standards to ensure vaping products are compliant to minimize the risk of product recalls, customer complaints, and negative media coverage. 

Why Broughton

  • Our quick turnaround times and flexibility in delivering a high-quality testing service.
  • In-house experts providing valuable insights into market conditions and product regulations.
  • UKAS-accredited, state-of-the-art laboratories with the latest analytical equipment.

Project Deliverables

The core aim of this project is the use of UKAS-accredited methods and state-of-the-art equipment to test the client’s products and ensure they demonstrate compliance with the TRPR. We highlight to the client any non-compliant products before they reach the shelf and negatively impact customer confidence and the retail brand’s reputation for quality. The supermarket chain can now sell disposable vape products with total confidence that they comply with the required TRPR regulations, allowing them to ensure customer safety and protect their business.  

Key Learnings

Our client has gained knowledge about the vape testing process, a better understanding of vape regulatory requirements and product compliance, and the importance of working with a UKAS-accredited laboratory using the latest high-technology equipment. They also learned that not all analytical methods are equal and that not all laboratories can develop high-precision methods to ensure the effective characterization of vape products. We have gained new insights into the demands placed on major retail companies to ensure consumer safety and product compliance. The relationship with the client has developed beyond analytical testing services, to include consulting and advice on broader issues relating to next-generation product regulations and product development.

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