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Case Study - ANDS SLIX (Alternative Nicotine Delivery Solutions)


Customer Profile

ANDS (short for Alternative Nicotine Delivery Solutions) is an innovative leader in developing nicotine products designed to provide smokers with less harmful alternatives to conventional combustible cigarettes. ANDS is committed to providing adult consumers with a reduced-risk portfolio that spans a wide range of options, including e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products, and other next-generation nicotine delivery solutions. ANDS is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has offices across the Arab region, North Africa, the EU, and the UK. It will soon be expanding operations to the United States. 

Alternative Nicotine Delivery Solutions Requirements 

ANDS sought a long-term, experienced analytical partner to support a batch-release testing program for their ANDS SLIX product range. This program is a crucial part of demonstrating due diligence around the safety and quality of their products, as well as ensuring ongoing compliance for the products being produced by third-party manufacturers on their behalf. To demonstrate this due diligence, ANDS wants to maintain and monitor product quality and production standards for every batch manufactured and provide evidence of the systems used to record and monitor product compliance and safety. 

Broughton vape compliance testing

Our Service Offering

Our service to ANDS includes testing for nicotine content, device fill weight, and volume checks such as density measurements on the e-liquid extracted from the device. Initial pre-batch samples are shipped to our laboratory facility, where each SLIX product is tested in triplicate. We allocate reserved laboratory capacity for an expedited turnaround of five working days. Should any pre-batch samples exceed the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) compliance limits, we will notify ANDS. All products tested receive a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) which includes a statement confirming whether results are compliant or non-compliant. A non-compliant result triggers a decision for further triplicate analysis.

Why Broughton

  • The speed and efficiency of responding to ANDS requirements is key to the success of the relationship. We quickly respond to any questions and are highly flexible, priding ourselves on our high levels of customer service. 
  • ANDS wanted to work with an industry-recognized and highly respected analytical partner that they could trust with their product due diligence and compliance testing.
  • We deliver data quickly through reserved laboratory capacity and a dedicated analytical team. 
  • We have a proven track record in supporting large-scale batch-release testing programs, allowing for the project to scale in size in the future.  

Toxicology Scientists

Project Deliverables

Testing is performed on each of the eight pre-batches of the SLIX disposable vape products. Density measurements are performed on a composite for each flavor, yielding a single result. We also use ISO-accredited methods to determine nicotine levels by Liquid Chromatography using Ultra-Violet Spectrometry detection (LC-UV) and platform methods to determine the fill weight and fill volume of the SLIX products. This provides ANDS with total confidence in the ongoing regulatory compliance of their products. 

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