Product Development Services

Helping customers push the boundaries of science and technology to accelerate innovations to market to improve quality of life

From Concept To Regulatory Approval

Our team of scientists, engineers, and regulatory professionals, bring extensive expertise in the development and commercialization of a wide range of product categories including next-generation nicotine delivery products, inhaled pharmaceutical drug and device delivery systems, and new product categories such as cannabis and CBD. Our multidisciplinary teams work within an entrepreneurial and agile framework to deliver rapid success to any project.

Our Product Development Services include:

Integrated Product Development

Every Broughton team is bespoke and created to address the specific needs of a project. We offer a fully integrated solution including engineers, scientists, formulation technologists, quality experts, project managers, and regulatory affairs consultants. We believe the scope of our product development service is unique and sets us apart. We can support from the concept and development phase through to manufacturing assessment, regulatory approval, and post marketing surveillance.


Our strength is in integrating product development services with scientific substantiation and regulatory consultancy so there is a seamless approach to finding the right solution for your project and accelerating your innovation to market.

Whether you have a prototype product already developed and are looking for verification or support to bring it to commercialization, or are still at the concept stage, our team is here to help.

Designing for Regulatory Approval

We know that navigating regulatory approval pathways and reaching key milestone moments in product development can be a complex and costly process. Creating a cross-functional integrated plan with an eye toward later stages of development enhances project efficiency and helps reduce cost. Our regulatory experts specialize in the strategic planning and alignment of registration goals to help de-risk a project at later stages. Our engineers and scientists will help design and plan efficient transitions between the formulation, product development, and commercial stages of your project.

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Expert Advice on Ingredients, Materials and Manufacturing

Broughton’s team of experts will advise on suitable ingredients, materials, and manufacturing processes through the product development and optimization phases of the project. This is to ensure the final product not only performs as required but can also be manufactured at the required volumes, with consistent quality, and with a cost of goods that is commercially viable. We can also assist with the manufacturing scale-up activities required to launch the product. This will also include any advice required in setting up a new or amending an existing supply chain.

Rapid Development and Evaluation

At Broughton, we work on the development principle of ‘fail fast and iterate’ - learning and iterating quickly until the desired results are achieved. The rapid cycle of design, prototype, test, and re-design is achieved in-house as quickly and efficiently as possible, utilizing the wide range of internal expertise and laboratory facilities at our disposal.

Our Product Development Services team has vast experience across many industries, giving you confidence that no matter what challenges your project faces, our team will find a bespoke solution to drive it forward.



Technical Due Diligence

Learn how we can help reduce costs and increase speed by enabling the right decision at key moments to avoid costly mistakes, delays, or reworks later in the project.


We are experts at working with innovative technologies in an agile environment across the pharmaceutical, nicotine, and cannabis industry sectors and are committed to finding solutions to whatever challenge your project may face. We believe in developing long-term client partnerships. Our scientists, engineers, and regulatory professionals are ready to help you accelerate your product innovation to market.

Benefit from:

  • A dedicated project manager with years of industry experience
  • The latest regulatory insights appropriate for your product
  • Scientific and regulatory consultancy across all global pathways
  • GMP and GLP compliant Laboratory testing facilities
  • An independent and objective review of your products throughout the product life cycle

Talk to a Broughton Product Development expert about your project and learn how we can help.

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