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Our Responsibility


To be a trusted partner in advancing global wellbeing, we recognize the responsibility we have to our clients,
our employees, our community, and our planet.

Helping you stay responsible

Regardless of the industry partner, all products require an element of responsibility. Whether it is making sure that you are fulfilling your responsibilities to a regulator, to the consumer, or to society, we can help you ensure that all stakeholders understand that you value responsibility as much as they do.

Helping You Stay Responsible
Wellbeing from all angles...
Responsible Nicotine Delivery
NGPs offering harm reduction to smokers should be designed to avoid youth initiation. We help you demonstrate to regulators that your products have a net benefit to society.
Responsible Inhaled Drug Delivery

Inhalation creates new opportunities for rapid drug delivery. How do we ensure that it is not misused?

Responsible Cannabinoid Delivery

Cannabinoids have the potential to improve wellness. We're here to help you show that your products will be used responsibly.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Engagement.

Our focus is your success. We take that same ethos and work with the wider community to provide help to the most vulnerable. As we grow and become strategic partners for our global clients, we also want to partner with local communities to improve the lives of those in need.

Giving back to our communities

Broughton support Mind, the UK-wide charity that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Together, through fundraising and volunteering, we help improve services, raise awareness, and promote understanding.

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