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Ifeoluwa Omoyeni

Associate Toxicologist

Ife joined Broughton with in-depth knowledge of the impact of environmental chemicals on humans and ecosystems.

  • Associate Toxicologist for the UK Toxicology team at Broughton Life Sciences
  • Experience in assay development, hazard assessment, environmental risk assessment, and scientific regulatory writing

Ife joined Broughton as an Associate Toxicologist in 2022. Her educational background includes a joint Master of Science degree in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology from the University of Liege, the University of Porto, and the University of the Basque Country, which was fully funded by the Erasmus Mundus scholarships. While studying for her master’s degree, she developed her research skills, investigating how chemical exposures may cause adverse outcomes using new approach methodologies in a range of non-clinical test systems, gaining first-hand experience in hazard assessment and environmental risk assessment of chemical compounds. She further developed these skills at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Germany, where she conducted her thesis, which focused on the effects of “forever” compounds on neurodevelopment using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. She has also worked on the developmental toxicity of emerging contaminants.

Ife has supported a broad range of projects at Broughton, and is proficient in hazard assessment, including QSAR screening, authoring toxicity profiles, conducting literature reviews and environmental assessments, and is a skilled scientific writer.  

Ife is passionate about contributing to the general knowledge of the harmful actions of chemical substances, being part of the solution to chemical safety and regulatory challenges, and working at the interface of science and technology that better shapes toxicological risk assessment.

Ifeoluwa Omoyeni

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