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Dean Hatt

Senior Consultant - Toxicology

  • Dean joined Broughton, having enjoyed a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Over 35 years of experience with GlaxoSmithKline as a Toxicologist
  • Study Director, Study Monitor, Project Toxicologist, and Project Specialist
  • Formulation, Analysis, and Test Article Expert, managing an industry-leading department for 25 years
  • Significant Safety, and Controlled drug experience
  • Drug development and delivery expertise across all study types (in vitro/in vivo)
  • Studied a BSc in Applied biology at the University of East London
  • European and UK registered toxicologist (ERT/UKRT)

He started his career as an in vivo Toxicologist, becoming a Study Director, Study Monitor, and Project Toxicologist (on both early and late-stage products). He has extensive expertise in vitro and in vivo drug delivery, including inhalation and drug development of new chemical entities and biologicals.

He created an industry-leading Dispensary (formulation and analysis department) and lead this for 25 years developing expertise in characterization, stability, formulation development, analytical validation, and novel transformational technologies to improve solubility and bioavailability.

Has worked as a worldwide Project Specialist providing key opinion relating to test articles and off-target toxicity (quality, documentation, excipients, impurities, counter ions, etc.) to meet regulatory guidelines and expectations.

Adept at Risk Assessments, HPHC assessments, hazard and in silico assessments, literature searching, developing tox profiles, extractables and leachables assessments, nitrosamine assessments, and applying these to MAA and PMTA submissions.

Has deep experience advising on workplace safety, cleaning validation, risk evaluation and permitted daily exposure to chemicals.

He is a keen problem solver and process improvement project manager with great attention to detail—a great communicator with a can-do attitude who is focused on meeting customer needs.