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Case Study - Trading Standards

Customer Profile 

We work with several Trading Standards teams across the UK, supporting their work around vape compliance. Trading Standards is responsible for enforcing trading standards legislation at the local authority level of government in the UK. With the growing presence of non-compliant vaping devices being sold by retailers, Trading Standards needs a partner with extensive nicotine-related testing capabilities and experience to support their fight to remove non-compliant products from stores and to protect consumers. 

The Customer’s Requirements

Trading Standards teams are looking for analytical support to test products seized on suspicion of non-compliance. Unfortunately, an increasing number of non-compliant and illegal products are finding their way onto retailer shelves, and local authority Trading Standards teams are responsible for removing these. Once products have been seized the local authority needs assistance analyzing the products so they can use the analytical test data as evidence to take court action against retailers and manufacturers. 


Our Service Offering

We provide our Trading Standards clients with fill volume and nicotine strength tests, which are essential analytical tests to determine if the e-liquid in a vaping device is compliant with industry regulations. We provided subject matter expertise to help inform Trading Standards teams on the testing required and support them with understanding test data after it has been produced.

Why Broughton

  • Our reputation as experts in the nicotine industry was a deciding factor for why Trading Standards chose to work with Broughton as their analytical partner.
  • We provide an extensive range of product testing and have a wide range of expertise among our consultants to give additional insights and advice. 
  • We have helped Trading Standards teams simplify their processes and understand the exact types of testing needed, saving them both time and money. 
  • Our ability to offer quick turnaround times and a high level of customer service were key factors in the customer choosing to partner with us
Broughton vape compliance testing

Project Deliverables

We provide the client with in-depth analytical data and witness statements used by the local authority Trading Standards bodies in relevant court cases. Our analytical testing provides court-suitable evidence to prove if a product is illegal and not following the required UK regulations. This has helped the client remove illicit products from retail shelves and protect consumers. In some cases, Trading Standards needed additional support around understanding regulations or the science behind developing vape devices that comply with regulations. Having our regulatory support team and scientific consultants available to give additional insight has helped our clients better understand the product category and science behind vaping, enabling them to improve their operational effectiveness. 

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