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World Vape Show 2024: Exploring Trends, Innovation and Compliance in Dubai


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The World Vape Show 2024 was one of the largest events of the year for the global vaping community. The event took place from June 12th to 14th at the iconic Dubai World Trade Centre. The event provided coverage of all the latest technology within the industry and how the legislation and regulations impact these products and the industry as a whole.


The exhibition at the World Vape Show 2024 was a dynamic showcase of the latest products and trends in the vaping industry, with a significant focus on the ever-growing Middle Eastern market. The exhibition was primarily dominated by Chinese companies, which largely focused on the latest innovations in disposable vape technology. Many of the products on display were not targeted at the EU/UK market, featuring high puff numbers and exceeding the 2ml capacity limit, therefore making them non-compliant with EU/UK regulations. There was also a growing focus on nicotine pouches and how these can be used to help support tobacco harm reduction.

In such a competitive market, it is understandable that companies need to do something to differentiate their products. However, regardless of the regulations in the countries where these products are being sold, using social media influencers or adding games are not responsible practices and only tarnishes the entire industry.

In contrast to the commercial nature of the exhibition, the conference at the World Vape Show focused on scientific and regulatory discussions related to Tobacco Harm Reduction. The conference presentations covered familiar topics such as products appealing to youth, the slow approval process by the FDA, and enforcement issues. Such issues continue to create challenges within the industry, whether in achieving a successful market launch or developing measures to help prevent inappropriate product use.

Political, Regulatory, and Innovation Perspectives

The World Vape Show 2024 highlighted various political, regulatory, and innovation aspects of the vaping industry, with a focus on Middle Eastern markets.

  • The vaping industry continues to face scrutiny and challenges from organisations like the World Health Organisation.
  • The Middle Eastern market is growing and offers significant opportunities for manufacturers and distributors. The region's regulations are relatively lenient but vary between Emirates, with efforts by the Gulf State Organisation (GSO) to harmonise standards.
  • Nicotine pouch regulations are ever-changing worldwide. While pouches remain banned in some Emirates, such as Saudi Arabia, these regulations could soon change as trials of nicotine pouches are beginning to commence.
  • The current FDA timelines are creating a large backlog of new products within the industry, all fighting to receive a Marketing Granted Order (MGO) from the FDA.

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In conclusion, the World Vape Show in Dubai provided some interesting insights into the ever-changing regulatory landscape of vaping and the nicotine industry. However, it remains important that technological advances and changes in the regulatory landscape do not lose sight of the overall aim of tobacco harm reduction.

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