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Understanding the cannabinoid regulatory landscape in the UK



Broughton Principal Scientist, Paul Barr, has written a white paper outlining the current legislation and regulatory landscape within the cannabinoid market in the United Kingdom (UK).


The whitepaper entitled ‘A Summary of the Legal Status and Regulatory pathways to Market for Cannabinoid Products in the UK Market’ offers a simplified reference document on the regulatory and legal requirements for cannabinoid products within the UK market at the time of publication.

The current legislation around cannabinoids is reviewed with a high-level assessment of their current legal standing focusing on cannabidiol (CBD). The rapid growth of the cannabinoid industry in the UK presents a unique opportunity for companies to innovate new products and provide novel solutions for advancing human health. However, the speed at which the industry has grown over the past few years presents several challenges.

In addition to the legal concerns, the industry’s growth has been so rapid that regulating cannabinoid compounds is continuously evolving to adapt and keep pace with a dynamic market of new products. The combination of legality and various pathways to market make it difficult for companies to successfully interpret and navigate the regulatory landscape while complying with the law.

This whitepaper summarises the legal status and routes to market for the most commonly marketed cannabinoids across a range of product categories at the time of writing.

Download the full whitepaper here.


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