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Elemental Analysis of e-Cigarettes: Pushing the Boundaries of ICP-MS Analysis to a New Level



Broughton, Senior Project Scientist, will participate in a webinar hosted by Separation Science, sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific. 


Senior Project Scientist, David Fishwick will participate in the webinar, 'Elemental Analysis of e-Cigarettes: Pushing the Boundaries of ICP-MS Analysis to a New Level'.

This presentation will focus on trace elemental analysis associated with the growing industry of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), more commonly referred to as       e-cigarettes, using ICP-MS. Many of the products involved in the production of  e-cigarettes and consumables associated (such as e-liquids) present an analytical challenge because of their novel nature and the range of matrices involved - these include organic liquids, solids and aerosols.

In addition, given the nature of human interaction with e-cigarettes, ensuring consumer safety is paramount. This drives analytical methodology towards lower limits of detection and ensuring the highest levels of specificity.

This webinar will focus on developing robust methods for this analysis using both single and triple quadrupole ICP-MS technology.


Learning outcomes:

  • How to address challenges when analyzing novel and complex matrices
  • How to ensure your method is fit for purpose even when pushing analytical boundaries
  • How both single and triple quadrupole ICP-MS can be used to address different challenges

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Elemental Analysis Of E-Cigarettes


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