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Cannabis Europa Conference 2024: Insights and Highlights


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I recently had the privilege of attending the Cannabis Europa conference in London on June 25-26, representing Broughton Life Sciences as a Business Development Manager. This year’s event was a dynamic convergence of thought leaders, innovators, and stakeholders in the medical cannabis industry, offering a unique platform to explore emerging trends and collaborate on the future of our growing field.

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Germany: Leading the Way in European Cannabis Reform

The conference kicked off with a compelling panel discussion on Germany’s historic move to decriminalise cannabis. Thomas Schatton, Managing Director of Four 20 Pharma, joined Dirk Heitepriem from the Cannabis Industry Association Germany, and Dr. Constantin von der Groeben of DEMCAN to discuss the national and European implications of this policy shift.

The panel highlighted that Germany’s new cannabis policy, which aims to reduce black market risks through quality control, represents a significant step forward. However, transitioning from decriminalisation to legalising commercial production will present challenges. Despite these hurdles, the panellists agreed that Germany’s regulatory framework could inspire similar reforms across Europe, potentially leading to harmonised EU regulations.

The UK: A Rapidly Growing Medical Cannabis Market

Another key focus of the conference was the expansion of the UK’s medical cannabis market. Jonathan Hodgson, Managing Director UK at Curaleaf International, emphasized the importance of enhancing patient access, advancing clinical research, and exploring economic opportunities. The discussion centred on improving access and awareness, with Hodgson stressing the need for innovation and high standards to safeguard patient safety and market integrity.

Industry Insights and Future Prospects

The event was abuzz with positive energy, reflecting significant developments in the cannabis industry over the past year. Prohibition Partners CEO, Stephen Murphy, set the tone in his opening remarks, celebrating the growth of legal markets and emphasizing the industry’s responsibility to build a positive legacy.

A lively debate ensued on the future of the UK’s medical cannabis market, with industry leaders discussing the potential for growth amidst regulatory challenges. The importance of raising awareness and educating the public about medical cannabis emerged as a key theme.

Key Takeaways

Cannabis Europa 2024 provided invaluable insights into the future of cannabis in Europe, from Germany’s pioneering legal reforms to the UK’s expanding medical market. The conference underscored the industry’s momentum and the exciting opportunities ahead. As the event continues to unfold, it is clear that the cannabis movement is gaining traction, setting the stage for dynamic changes and innovations in the industry.

This year’s Cannabis Europa was a testament to the progress and potential of the cannabis industry. The discussions and debates highlighted both the achievements and the challenges that lie ahead, setting a hopeful and determined tone for the future. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to explore the evolving landscape of cannabis in Europe and beyond.

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