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Dr. Tony Jones

Managing Consultant

Tony joined Broughton having previously conducted regulatory support consulting at several international life science companies.

  • Over 22 years of experience in risk assessment with a focus on characterizing and reducing risks across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, nicotine and environmental industries.
  • Multidisciplinary consulting experience preparing and critically assessing a broad range of microbial, toxicological and epidemiological studies, conducting microbial, ecological and human health risk assessments, and communicating results to clients, community stakeholders and governmental agencies
  • Extensive experience with US regulatory submissions for FDA PMTA submittals, GRAS notifications, FDA ENDS NEPA environmental assessments, HACCP/BMP/GMP compliance EPA TSCA MCAN submittals, and EPA FIFRA registrations
  • Is a managing consultant in Broughton’s Toxciology consulting team providing clients toxicological 
    assistance across cannabinoid, pharmaceutical and nicotine products

Dr. Antony Jones is a managing consultant at Broughton. He has over 22 years of scientific consulting experience in the life-sciences. His educational background includes a Hons degree in Biology from York University, and a PhD in microbiology and molecular biology from the University of Newcastle, prior to completing a post-doc at King’s College London in microbiology and molecular biology. While at King’s College London, he first gained experience with a number of consulting engagements for international companies. He continued his consulting career in Southern California, where he has developed a passion for characterizing and reducing risks to human and ecological health posed by chemicals and microorganisms in the environment. Across several international consulting companies, Tony’s career has developed to include assisting clients with product development, product stewardship and litigation support in addition to risk assessment, including FDA PMTA, NEPA EA submittals, FDA GRAS notifications, HACCP assessments and EPA TSCA MCAN and FIFRA registrations.

Tony has led multiple PMTA ENDS and NEPA environmental assessments for a number of tobacco-products. He has also provided insurance and litigation support services for pharmaceutical, biotech and food-safety clients.

Tony has published over 25 abstracts, book chapters, presentations and peer-reviewed papers on product stewardship, human health, environmental and microbial risk assessment, site assessment and risk-related topics. Tony is a certified Serv Safe Food Safety Manager, Proctor and Instructor, he was recently certified in Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points (HACCP) and appointed a Fellow in the Royal Society of Biology.

Tony is passionate about using science to characterize and reduce risks of exposure to a broad range of chemicals, microbials and radiologicals in consumer products and the environment.

Tony Jones