Accelerating life-enhancing
products to market
Experts in Science and Regulation
Working across next generation nicotine products, cannabinoids, and pharmaceuticals, partnering with Broughton provides access to consultants with deep industry knowledge, determined to find solutions, bringing your life-enhancing products to market.

Broughton has developed a unique and distinctive service for clients, demystifying what is required to bring their innovative life-enhancing products to market. We have a proven track record in helping our clients move from concept to market, backed by robust project management capabilities through our unique, fully integrated consultancy and scientific services. 


Broughton offers a fully integrated scientific and regulatory consultancy, combined with comprehensive laboratory services, across the nicotine, cannabinoids, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Experts Community
Experts Community
Our network of global experts helps keep our minds sharp.

Not only does Broughton have multi-disciplined consultants in-house but, through our recognition of continuous learning, we have built a network of Global Experts. Learning through building our network of Global Experts enables us to broaden our horizons and challenge our thinking, thereby offering our clients the best possible advice. As a Global Expert, we would love you to join our Experts’ Community. Through our shared values, let's work together to achieve our mission of advancing population health and wellbeing.

Product Development Services
Pushing the boundaries of technology, staying focused on regulations

At Broughton, we understand that inhalation drug delivery is rapidly evolving. Ensuring a formulation or inhalation device is performing efficiently, efficaciously and is aligned with regulatory requirements is necessary for success. Our team of expert inhalation scientists, engineers and scientific consultants can help you develop your next generation inhalation product through this product development lifecycle journey.

Scientific Consultancy

Strong science through the life of your product.

No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your product, we can guide you through and conduct the relevant scientific studies to demonstrate to any regulator that your product will contribute to societal health and wellbeing.

Leading Laboratory Services
Leading Laboratory Services
Extensive Analytical Capabilities

Our advanced analytical chemistry and aerosol science laboratories can complete the comprehensive array of analytical and physical testing required to support the development and licensing of your innovative products.

About Us
About us
Accelerating innovative products to market; to save and improve lives.

Broughton provides access to scientific consultants with deep industry knowledge of next generation delivery systems within disruptive consumer-regulated markets. We complement this with our in-house laboratory services. Harm reduction is our guiding principle. We strive to find solutions to bring your life-enhancing products to market.


Broughton is looking for individuals with great minds and fresh approaches to join the growing team. A wide variety of career opportunities are available across multiple disciplines. Let's discuss how we can enhance lives through science and innovation.

Broughton Responsibility
With knowledge comes responsibility

Responsibility is a big word. At Broughton, responsibility is at the heart of our service. Whether it is the responsibility to our clients, responsibility for delivering societal health and wellbeing, or responsibility to our planet, it is one of our guiding principles.

Broughton Responsibility
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We're proud of our deep industry knowledge and want to share it. Through a series of blogs, webcasts, videos and publications, browse our media library to see our thoughts on the latest hot industry topics.

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