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Libby Clarke

Managing Consultant - Toxicology

Libby joined Broughton with toxicological expertise in cannabis-based products and next-generation nicotine products.

  • European-registered toxicologist specialized in the design and execution of non-clinical strategies to support product stewardship and regulatory applications for nicotine and cannabis-based products
  • Skilled communicator, able to explain highly complex scientific data in clear key messages positioned according to regulatory guidance
  • Expert witness who has provided testimony in over 100 court cases
  • Managing Consultant for the UK Toxicology team at Broughton Life Sciences

Libby Clarke is Managing Consultant for the UK Toxicology team at Broughton Life Sciences. She has over 14 years of experience in the field of toxicology. Her educational background includes an honors degree in Pharmacology from the University of Edinburgh and a master’s degree in Forensic Science from King’s College London.

Libby began her career as a toxicologist at the Forensic Science Service in London where she directed case strategy for the detection of drugs using a broad range of analytical techniques and gained experience as an expert witness. During her forensic career, Libby became specialized in cannabis casework, assisting HM Coroners and police with the interpretation of findings.

In 2014, Libby joined Imperial Brands with roles in product stewardship toxicology, post-market surveillance, regulatory affairs, and cannabis science. 

During her time at Imperial, Libby coordinated and conducted research programs and safety assessments for cannabis-based and next-generation nicotine products (NGPs) and was the principal scientific expert on the pharmacology and analytical toxicology of cannabis compounds.

Libby joined Broughton in 2021, creating non-clinical strategies in line with regulatory requirements to support entry to the market for a range of NGPs, cannabis-based and novel products. Libby’s cannabis and nicotine expertise complement Broughton’s consultancy and laboratory service offering. Libby firmly believes in the therapeutic potential of cannabis products and in the harm reduction benefit that NGPs offer to millions of smokers.

Libby Clarke