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Broughton appoints Dr Russ Svensen as director of consultancy services

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Contract research organization and scientific consultancy Broughton, appoints Dr Russ Svensen as director of consultancy services and a member of its Strategic Management Team. Svensen has over thirty years of experience in consultancy and clinical operation in the laboratory, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device markets. His appointment will be instrumental in helping Broughton expand its consultancy service and develop its clinical service offering.

After completing his PhD at University College London, Svensen pursued a career in clinical operations, working globally and leading teams delivering complex and high-profile studies. He has worked as part of numerous client teams and served as the project and account manager for multiple service providers, including RKS Clinical Ltd, UCB, and Ipsen.

“As regulations for medical devices and pharmaceutical products tighten in the UK, EU, and US, manufacturers need end-to-end scientific and regulatory expertise across integrated testing and analytical disciplines to help ensure their products are authorized and remain compliant,” explained Chris Allen, CEO of Broughton. “Bringing Russ on board means we can strengthen our knowledge in the clinical studies area and enhance the development of our consultancy practice in the UK, EU, and US,” continued Allen.

“Broughton is a company with an established reputation for high-quality analytical testing, scientific excellence, and best-in-class customer service, which sets it apart from other CROs,” added Svensen. “It has ambitious plans for further development of its consultancy model and expanding its service offerings such as product realization and toxicology. Over the years, I’ve managed various drug development projects, from pre-clinical through clinical trials and regulatory submission, so it feels like a great opportunity to use my experience to help build this exciting future.”

To learn more about Dr. Russ Svensen, visit his profile here.