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Dr. Adam Bonin

Senior Consultant

Adam recently joined Broughton’s toxicology group after providing varied scientific support services at a number of consulting firms and analytical laboratories.

  • Over 22 years of experience as an interdisciplinary scientific professional specializing in environmental impact analysis, toxicology, risk assessment, environmental chemistry, environmental microbiology, and regulatory permitting and compliance.
  • Extensive experience with US regulatory submissions for FDA PMTA submittals, including, but not limited to, NEPA environmental assessments.
  • Extensive experience spans the academic and private sectors working as a consultant, research scientist, laboratory analyst, and instructor. Diverse knowledge and experience inform a unique perspective for understanding critical issues and developing and communicating effective solutions to complex problems.

    Dr. Adam Bonin is a senior consultant at Broughton. He has over 22 years of scientific consulting experience. He earned a BS in environmental management from the University of Rhode Island, and a PhD in environmental microbiology from Portland State University. Adam’s doctoral research took him to South Africa where he explored some of the deepest operating gold mines in the world to investigate microorganisms inhabiting extreme conditions. Following graduate school, Adam completed a post-doctoral appointment in microbial ecology at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). He also recently earned a ManageMentor Supervisor Training certificate through Harvard Business School.

    Adam began his career studying Lyme Disease through a state-wide research study for the University of Rhode Island Center for Vector Born Disease Research. He then moved over to the university’s Graduate School of Oceanography where he conducted a study of the atmospheric deposition of environmental contaminants, including PCBs, PAHs, and pesticides to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.

    Adam then shifted to private industry where he worked as a laboratory chemist analyzing organic and inorganic chemicals in a variety of environmental matrices. This experience equipped him for an environmental consulting opportunity where he joined as a quality assurance chemist. As an environmental scientist, Adam validated environmental analytical data packages, developed and implemented field chemistry methods, and managed the daily responsibilities and workload of two chemists.

    As a consultant, Adam has worked as an ecological toxicologist, environmental microbiologist, environmental chemist, project and program manager, and operations manager. He has conducted toxicological evaluations and ecological risk assessments for a variety of chemicals in support of NEPA environmental assessments and environmental impact statements, natural resource damage assessments, FDA product applications, and litigated cases. Adam has led multiple PMTA environmental assessment programs for a number of applicants. His extensive environmental experience provides him with the knowledge and tools to effectively determine the potential environmental impacts related to product manufacturing, use, and disposal.
Adam Bonin